Archie Kelley

Archie Kelley is the Board President for The Brazilian Center for Cultural Exchange, who was born and raised in Washington, D.C. and attended Anacostia High School in our nation’s capital. After graduating from High School, he attended Yakima Valley College, in Washington State on a basketball scholarship. He transferred to Tahoe College and later completed his education at California State University at Sacramento where he became a graduate of the School of School Work. In addition, he was also a team player for the Varsity Basketball team at CSUS.

During his early educational years, he became employed as a Childcare Worker for the Sacramento Children’s Home and later became employed at the Sacramento County Probation Dept as a Deputy Probation Officer for a 27-year tenure while he was completing his education. He supervised wards of the court and adult offenders in the city of Sacramento. In addition to the above, he was employed for 5 years, in a part-time position as a Mental Health Worker at Sierra Vista Mental Health Hospital to gain additional work experience. Currently, he is retired and his motivation is to give back to the Sacramento community through his leadership at the Brazilian Center.

Archie has traveled all over the world to gain the experiences of interacting with many different cultures such as Canada, China, England, Germany, Belgium, France, and Tangier at the tip of Africa in Morocco. He had the opportunity to spend the day in the Louvre, (the world’s largest art Museum) in Paris, France. As a result of his cultural experiences, he became involved in the Brazilian Center’s administrative personnel to present a quality performing arts program and to give back to the community, by holistically helping people who are less fortunate.

One quality opportunity that stands out with Archie is when he developed a performing arts program for male juvenile offenders at the Sacramento Boys Ranch in their free time. The offenders enthusiastically produced a variety show with sitcoms, dance routines, recitals, poems and other creative entertainment that was successfully presented to an audience at other juvenal institutions.

An additional opportunity was writing and overseeing a program with grant funds received by the Dosty Care Home from the Alta Regional Center for developing a program for Developmental Disable individual adults with a criminal history, teaching them to function independently in the community.

He is very happy to be a part of the Brazilian Center for Cultural Exchange of Sacramento, in the Sacramento community.

Board President

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